A CPA since 1990, Bill has been involved in multiple start-ups and reorganization assignments over the past several decades.

He has developed a unique approach to not only building businesses, but to team building as well. A mentor, advisor, investor and strategist, Bill is currently involved in several innovative projects and is available for assignments that fit his innovative lifestyle. He founded William Murphy Investments as a vehicle to deliver innovation to other entrepreneurs and businesses.

Today’s Projects

Great projects require great energy. Great energy requires passion.
William Murphy Investments is committed to providing the energy and passion to fuel the following innovative projects.

Gremlin Ventures
Gremlin is a disruptive and innovative value add investment and financial services Company. Currently active with a site launch occurring Q1 2021.
The world’s first Small Business Data Hub ™ the Tildale project is centered on Bill’s central passion ~ helping small and medium sized businesses to be successful. Concept Phase. More to come Q1 2021.
Yeoubi Financial Services
Yeoubi is a financial services firm built entirely for small business. Currently in the Product build phase. Launch Q1 2021.

Tomorrow’s projects

Have an idea, concept, or existing business? Need help, investment or a second set of experienced eyes? Contact us today to see if we might be able to assist. See form below.
Never live in the past, but certainly reflect on it, and above all, learn from it. The following have been projects, the good, bad and ugly, that have been part of Bill’s journey. 
  • Tridelle Financial Services Inc.
    Canada’s first and only “Float Management” Company. Tridelle managed cash floats for Canadian businesses. Transitioned to Yeoubi Q3 2020.
  • Wagepoint Inc.
    Canada’s leading online payroll Company serving Canadian and US small businesses, Bill was Co-Founder, President and Chair. He exited his position to PSG of Boston in August 2020.
  • GBL Inc.
    As President Bill was recruited to lead the transformation of the GBL brand, positioning and its technology, exiting in 2017 when it was successfully acquired.
  • Belmont Financial Services
    A Nova Scotia based financial services firm serving a broad client base. As COO, Bill rebranded the Belmont and introduced new technology, driving growth before exiting to take the GBL assignment in 2014.
  • Atlantic Canada Payroll Company
    A full-service payroll Company serving Atlantic Canadian small and mid-sized businesses, the Company was acquired by Wagepoint in 2012.
  • Ledgers
    Canada’s first homegrown accounting franchise, Bill was the original Founder, President and Chair. Sold in 2001.


Bill is the author of A FOREST TALE, a START-UP Fable based on his experiences in building and exiting Ledgers. An off the wall, animal centric yarn that uses animals as a vehicle to tell a story of mental angst and, ultimately, rebirth.

An off the wall, animal-centric yarn, that uses the animals as a vehicle to tell a story of mental angst, and rebirth. A FOREST TALE is a START-Up Fable based on Bill’s experiences in building and exiting Ledgers.


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    At William Murphy Investments we think of Innovation as a lifestyle choice, for you and your business.

    Current Projects

    Gremlin Ventures Inc.
    Tildale Inc.
    Yeoubi Financial Services Inc.

    Past Projects

    Tridelle Financial Services Inc.
    Wagepoint Inc. 
    GBL Inc.
    Belmont Financial Services
    Atlantic Canada Payroll Company
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